How to Buy "Less Than Traditional"
Quick and Easy Circle Technique By Charlie


To make any “Less Than Traditional” patterns you first need a STARTER SET. This consists of the 2 templates needed for the basic technique and step by step instructions with detailed diagrams to guide you through.

The STARTER SETS come in four sizes

Large which starts with a 13” square of fabric and is great for making larger quilts and the size we recommend if you are new to both quilting and sewing or a very beginner at either.

Medium which starts of a 10” square of fabric also great for larger quilts but also a fabulous way to use the precut 10” square packages known as layer cakes.

Small which starts with an 8” square of fabric which is great for table runners, placemats, crib and lap quilts and of course can be used for large quilt it just takes more circles and more time!

Extra Small which starts with a 4” square of fabric and is wonderful for embellishments, trimming items, pin cushions and also elegant placemats. This size is also wonderful if you are looking for an easier way to get the look of cathedral window! Also a great way to use up the pre-cut 5” packages known as charm packs.

Once you have your starter set you will always use that as the base of any Less Than Traditional project you make. All of the add-on books and patterns we sell are the additional instructions and any pattern pieces you need to turn the basic circle technique into that specific pattern. You will need a starter set to complete any of the add-on books or patterns.

Remember, with Less Than Traditional, You are making Circles inside out to be used for making Quilts, Pillows, Table Runners, Place Mats, Curtains, Small gift items, etc.

No Raw Edges - never any binding - never having to close the turning slit.

A quicker easier way to attain the look of old Traditional Quilts which is where we got our name
"Less Than Traditional" it’s less work than the traditional way!

"Less Than Traditional" Is easy enough for a beginners first quilt project but fast and fun for any skill level!!

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